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Our furniture is born in the hands of experienced carpenters of Lebanon, Ghana and Egypt. A large proportion of the selection is produced in the Egyptian city of Damietta, known for its deep-rooted traditions of carpentry. The master craftsmen there specialize in creating classical furniture and thus reproduce perfectly the ornamentation of baroque, rococo and classicism, as well as gothic and art nouveau. Interestingly, some of the workshops house pieces of furniture carved by fathers and grandfathers of current experts; these are believed to soon become valuable as antiques.
The furniture industry is an integral part of the culture and economy of the whole town. Wood carving and construction techniques are passed on from one generation to another as boys are introduced to the craft at the tender age of six. Intriguingly, the region is not a habitat for the types of wood required for production of most of the furniture; most of the wood is shipped along the river Nile all the way from Europe. The furniture of May In:side is hand carved from beech wood of the highest quality and boasts an air of elegance, but requires less attention than antique furniture. Chenille fabric, famous for its longevity, covers soft furniture, and every piece of handmade furniture is ensured to be unique. A fraction of the selection on offer is produced in Alexandria and Ismailia, while produced from quality local hardwood and bearing a subtle hint of Africa, other furniture and accessories arrive from the Ghanaian city of Accra.


May In:side is not only furniture. A wide selection of carpets, textile and lighting products, household utensils and other accessories will help to create a cozy atmosphere for your home.


The Egyptians began to weave carpets in the 13th century. The remaining oldest specimens are adorned by bright graphical ornamentation. At the start of the previous century Cairo saw numerous workshops founded in the outskirts of the city; these specialized in making quality copies of Persian carpets. Persian motifs can also be seen in carpets woven in the workshops of Mosaad Omran; we offer their wool, cotton and silk carpets.


For the past 20 years the textile producer Eke has been supplying bed linen, towels and accessories of the highest quality to well-known brands such as Burberry, Frette and Harrods. Eke also produces bed linen and bed covers specifically for May In:side.
Malaika, founded by two designers from Ecuador, is famous for the quality of its textile products and the ethical stance it takes on production. The company trains and employs local women, thus helping the community. Their Egyptian cotton is of the highest quality and is particularly smooth; another distinguishing trait is its long life of service. Malaika produces dressing gowns, towels, bed linen and bed covers of subtle combinations of colors for May In:side.

Lighting solutions

The Dutch company Chrystolight purchases lead glass from the world’s largest lead glass producer Asfour. The awe-inspiring works of Chrystolight embellish the world’s most luxurious hotels, restaurants and private quarters.
Kandil, one of Egypt’s largest lighting companies, was founded in 1976. Kandil offers and exceptionally wide selection of lighting products ranging from Murano glass or gold coated bodies to modern metallic ones.